Many small businesses owners understand the importance of having a web presence in today’s business climate and got a website setup.  The problem is, most small business websites are poorly executed website templates that they did themselves or had a friend or a relative create it for them, or paid cheaply to have one done.  The problem with this is, while having a web presence is great, a low quality web presence actually hurts your business instead of serving it well, because it cost you your credibility, leads and sales.  If you are a small business owner who have a poorly designed website, that you did yourself or used a template.


Here are 4 Ways a website redesign can help your business


A Well Executed Website Redesign Will Increase Credibility & the Perception of Professionalism

A professionally designed website helps increase your credibility as a business and help you project a professional image. This makes it easier for prospects to contact you and eliminates objectivity of working with a smaller business, when comparing you with a competitor who has a more professional website, because you now have a more professional web presence that gives a big impression of your company, that projects strength and capability.


A Well Executed Website Redesign Will Increase Online Inquiries & Leads

A professionally design website that has all the elements needed to engage your website visitor, such as a professional design, an engaging message, a clear call to action, and great user experience  would essentially turn more visitors into inquiries and leads. Most templates or cheap small business websites have no strategy behind it, they consist of content thrown together, images and information without any thought or strategy behind it. They focus on what they do instead of the benefits of what they do. They lack a clear value proposition or unique selling point and fail to address the pain points of their target market, instead failing to connect with prospects which results in lower conversion rates and a lack of inquiries and leads.  A professionally designed website help increase online inquiries and leads.


A Well Executed Website Redesign Increase Sales

More leads means more sales naturally. For example, if you are currently only getting 100 visitors to your website and only 5 of those people are contacting you, a well-executed website redesign can increase that number to 10 or 15 or even higher, which means more leads for you which inevitable increases your sales as well.


A Well Executed Website Redesign Lower Your Cost Per Lead

Using the same example above, if you are able to double the amount of leads that you are getting without spending more money towards advertising, it means that you are paying a lower cost per lead, which leads to a higher return on your advertising dollars and investment.

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