The competitive landscape for business is changing and the internet is becoming a bigger part of that change every day. Now more than ever, with a little time and commitment businesses can use the internet to acquire new customers at a fraction of what they would normally spend on advertising. Having an effective website is an essential piece in your lead generation and customer acquisition strategy; because in many instances it is the first interaction a prospect will have with your company.


Need more reasons for a website redesign? Here are five reasons

1.       You, a friend, your neighbor’s kid or your wife’s nephew designed and built your website. In short, if your website wasn’t done by a web design specialist, it’s time to redesign your website.

2.       Your existing website fails to differentiate you from your competitors and highlight your value proposition and unique selling points and it is lacking an instant impact message.

3.       You include your website address in all your advertising, however you fail to have a call to action or a lead generation tool on your website to capture the names and addresses of your website visitors, by giving away free information such as coupons, a newsletter, a free report or a free quote or consultation.

4.       The technology that was used to design and build your website is outdated and therefore you don’t have the capability to update your website on your own.

5.       You are ashamed to give your website address to anyone for fear that they will form the wrong opinion about your company.
Nicole McCullum is the Founder of Captivate Designs a website redesign Atlanta that specializes in website redesign Atlanta that helps Chicago, Illinois businesses transform their website presence into a powerful sales and marketing tool that generates more leads and sales for their business. If you are looking for information on web redesign Georgia you may reach contact her for a free consultation at 877-877-4936

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