Launching a successful SEO campaign requires having the right SEO tools. I would like to share with you these 5 Free Google Tools That Can Instantly Improve Your Website SEO. I use them as part of my SEO Toolkit to help my SEO clients rank higher on search engines and get found online by their ideal clients. I hope you find them as valuable as I have.


Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword planner is a free Google tool provided by Google to help advertisers build Google AdWords Campaigns. However, because this tool is designed to give advertisers insight into what keywords their target audience is using to search for businesses like theirs online, it can also be used to discover keywords to optimize your website for. Utilize this tool to find the best keywords to optimize your website for. When it comes to figuring out whether a keyword has enough search volume to target for optimization, there is no better source than Google itself to gain insight into keyword search volume data.


Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool should be a key tool for anyone who is optimizing their website. From utilizing Google Webmaster Tool to verify your website, submitting a website map so that search engines see the full spread of pages that are on your website, to discovering broken links and errors on your website; Google Webmaster tools helps you to supercharge your SEO. I especially love that it tells you exactly what keyword queries your website is showing up for, and it also helps you to see what your ranking for that keyword is. You can also use it to submit new pages on your website so that they get crawled by search engines spiders faster, helping you to rank faster.


Google Analytics

If you are looking to maximize your website performance, there is no better place to start than getting key insights into what is taking place on your website. Google Analytics is another one free Google tool that lets you know how many visitors are coming to your website, where they are coming from, how long they are staying on your website and what your top exist pages are. In addition, you can also learn about your visitors’ demographics: whether they are male or female, where they are located, what websites they visit and so much more. Armed with this data you can make changes to your advertising campaigns and website to better target your visitors and turn more visitors into leads and sales. You can also set up conversion tracking to see exactly what marketing channels perform the best and give you the best return on investment.


Google Page Speed Test

How fast your website loads not only affects your ability to rank high on search engines (Google made page speed a major ranking factor a few years ago), a slow loading page provides a bad visitor experience and cost you leads and sales because when your website takes a long time to load it increases your website abandonment rate and reflects poorly on your brand. Testing your website using Google’s Page Speed Test will help you to determine the areas on your website that needs to be fixed to decrease the load time of your website, which in turn increases your chances of higher rankings. Don’t think your page speed is a big deal? A recent illustration by showed that conversions declined sharply when website load times jumped from 1 second to 4 seconds.


Google Mobile Friendly Test

As of April 21, 2015, Google started using mobile friendliness as an SEO ranking signal and this will have a significant impact on SEO Search results. By running your website through Google’s Mobile Friendly Test you can determine if your website is mobile friendly or not. If it’s not, you can discover the criteria needed to make your website mobile friendly and take the necessary steps to make sure you are complying with these guidelines. By acting early you gain an advantage and get ahead of your competitors who don’t have mobile friendly websites. Making your website mobile friendly is also very important not just for SEO but for providing a superb user experience to your website visitors. According to a recent article by, Mobile Internet Usage Exceeds PC Internet Usage for the First Time in History. Therefore, making your website mobile friendly so that your customers and prospects can do business with you online is critical to your bottom line.

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