Embarking on a website redesign can be a very good thing for your business, if you are not happy with your website performance or your website image and you are looking to boost your website conversion rate. However, the last thing you want is to end up with a website that performs worse than what you had before.

5 Problems that you can avoid when you get a website redesign.

1.   A Drop in Web Traffic

This usually occurs if your website was previously optimized and your new web developer failed to identify those valuable assets prior to redesigning your website. What usually occurs is that your new webmaster failed to keep the links the same, create 301 permanent redirects to your old content pages, or the content was rewritten without using the same keyword density of high performing web pages. Avoid this pitfall by taking stock of top performing website pages prior to redesigning.

2.   A Drop in Leads

It’s quite possible that you end up with a new design that is worse than the first one, either creatively or strategically.  Avoid this pitfall by setting clear goals and objectives with your new web designer. Work with a company that understands marketing and have a record of boosting conversion rates. A pretty design doesn’t necessarily mean better, if there isn’t a marketing strategy that involves having the right image, the right content and the right call to actions. Avoid this pitfall by making it clear that your purpose for a website redesign is to boost lead generation.

3.   Email Interruption

If you are switching your web host upon the completion of your website redesign, be sure to provide them with a list of all your email addresses that are tied to your professional domain name. For e.g. [email protected]. Failure to do so will result in an interruption in service when you switch servers and potentially losing incoming emails and the ability to communicate for a period of time.  Avoid this pitfall by letting your new web host know that you have professional email addresses on the old server that needs to be transferred.

4.   You Hate Your New Design

Very often some business owners end up with new designs that they hate.  This usually occurs for several reasons; you went with the cheapest person, you did not do your research properly, you were not involved in the process or you did not provide samples of what you like and dislike. Avoid this pitfall by taking a proactive approach, reviewing the portfolios of potential designers before you hire anyone and doing your own research to identify what you would like your new design to look like.

5. You End Up Over Budget

Prior to hiring a web designer or web design company, it’s important to compile a list of all the pages, features and add-ons you would like your new website redesign to have. Though you may not know all that you need upfront, by consulting with professionals, you will be able to add or remove to general list. Once you feel confident with this list, then start sourcing quotes. Avoid this pitfall by identifying the features and add-ons you would like to have upfront. Work with a flat fee that suits your needs rather than working with an hourly fee.

 Hourly fee service can result in you not getting everything you wanted and going over budget.
Have you encountered any of these pitfalls, if so share how you resolved them?
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