Being focused, committed and determined are traits that have helped you start your own business all by yourself!
The problem is that it is really hard to make that shift to going from solo to team.You are used to being a diyer, and then there is the money.

We can learn a lot from nature. Like the daffodil in this photo. You are in the center but you would not be radiantly whole without your six petals.


 1. Bookkeeper

The very first person I hired.

2. Website developer

Your website needs to look and be professional, not homemade.

3. Graphics designer

Your branding is so important. People don’t open a book if the cover doesn’t grab them.

4. Personal assistant

You feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven!

5.Mentor Coach

In order to grow your business you need help getting past your blind spots.

6. Massage therapist

Ah, yes.
There are many more that you can add to this list, but these six are essential for any solo service based business owner. Have fun growing your team this year!


Kaya Singer helps small business owners develop a clearer focus on what they need to do to grow their business, create an action plan and strategy to get there through her coaching practice

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