Many website owners are concerned and right fully so with driving traffic to their website. The truth is its only part of using your website to acquire more customers. Once you have succeeded at getting visitors to your website, you need to find and implement the right strategy for converting those visitors into customers. Below are 7 proven steps for converting web traffic into customers that will help you boost your bottom line and revel in the success of internet marketing.

1. Captivate Your Visitors

People are attractive to visuals before they can even see the written words on your website. First impressions matter. Your website should have a compelling design that resonates with your target audience that instills confidence and trust in your business, products and/or services.

2. Engage Visitors

Provide an irresistible value proposition, pose a problem and highlight the solution, create an emotional connection between your product and/or service and your visitors that tells them why they need your product/service and keep them tuned in.

3. Get Your Visitors to Take Action

Don’t make your visitors think too much, tell them what you want them to do, once they get to your website. Should they download a free report, take an online quiz, call your phone number, request a free consultation, and make a purchase. Spell it all out clearly and watch your visitors convert into more customers.
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4. Instill Confidence

Provide supporting information, in the form of testimonials, case studies or samples that validate your value proposition and the success that you have had with other customers.

5. Collect Their Information

Your visitors may still be in the research stage of the buying process, the goal is to collect their information so that you can continue to stay in front of them. A simple sign up for a newsletter is no longer enough, it is overused, offer a free report that is more tempting, access to case studies, or free e-courses that will educate them on your products and services. Your newsletter should be another marketing tool in your arsenal after you have successful collected their information.

6. Implement a Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is a series of follow ups sent to prospects to move them closer to a sale, through education and supporting information on why you are the best choice. It is wise to create anywhere from five to seven follow up messages spread through a 2 – 30 day period (depending on your sales cycle), that will keep you in front of your prospects and move them along the sales cycle to completing the sale.

7. Provide a Guarantee

A rock solid guarantee, will help you solidify the deal and close the sale. It will instill confidence and more so, it will put you ahead of the competition if they don’t offer a guarantee.
Follow the seven (7) steps above and you will be well on your way to converting more visitors to customers, and increasing your sales. Your website is your best and most effective marketing tool that can provide measurable results at a lower cost per lead. Use it effectively, and you will uncover your highest returns on investment.
If you’re interested in learning how we can help you convert more visitors into customers, give us a call at 877-877-4936 for a Free Strategy Session.

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