If you have a website or you’re considering getting one, the secret to acquiring more customers online is ensuring that you add all the right ingredients. Take a look at the list below and see which key ingredient is missing! Then if you want to get new clients from your website, start taking action!

1. You have to Start with a Great Website Design that:

o Project a professional image, establish credibility and appeal to your target audience
o Is easy to use and navigate
o Get your visitors to take action with compelling content

2. You have to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines by:

o Finding the right keywords that will get you found by the people
that are searching for businesses like yours
o Optimizing your website content to include those keywords
o Ensuring your website site structure is setup properly to include the keywords , in your page url, page title, page meta data, xml sitemaps and more
o Work on getting backlinks to your website


3. You have to Track, Analyze and Refine to Maximize Performance by:

o Adding Google Analytics to your website
o Finding out what’s working for you and what’s not
o Increasing your visitor to lead conversions you will spend less on marketing

The truth is many small business owners still subscribe to build it and they will come, but without a clear and focused internet marketing strategy in place, you would not be able to maximize the returns on investment that your website has the potential to give you.

Captivate Designs can provide you with a FREE Consultation to develop an online marketing strategy that includes website design, website redesign, seo services, Google analytics setup and more or we can help you with all three! Give us a call today to find out how we can help you use the internet to generate more leads and increase your business sales 877-877-4936!

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