The internet offers a multitude of options for marketing your business online. The challenge lies in selecting the best options and strategy that will help you attract new customers.
The following 4 steps have consistently worked to help my clients and myself attract new customers and generate leads from the internet.It’s an all-encompassing strategy that once implemented together, and consistently can help you reach your ideal customers, increase your website traffic and the number of inquiries you get from your website.


Optimize your website for search engines

If you are to get found online it is imperative that your website includes the keywords that your target customers are using to find you online. These keywords must be strategically placed in key areas of your website for it to be effective, such as in your page title, your page headlines, throughout your page content, your page url and your page meta data (the area that is seen by search engines). Without placing keywords on your website you have absolutely no chances of getting found online by your target customers. In addition you want to be as specific as you can with your keywords. For e.g. if you are a landscape architect located in New York State but target customers in a specific city or county you want to make sure that the location is included as a part of the keyword, such as (Landscape Architect Westchester County NY).


Add a blog to your website

Placing the right keywords in the key areas of your website will no doubt get you ranked by search engines, but depending on the competitiveness of your keywords it may not be enough to get you to the coveted first page. This is where adding a blog comes in. A blog allows you to add fresh content and build links that will help you boost your rankings in the search engines for your keywords. The key is making sure that you write blog post that are at least 300 words long, that includes the keyword that you are optimizing for in the title and throughout the article. Adding blog post also helps drive traffic to your website so the benefits are twofold.


Make sure your website has these 3 things

Optimizing your website and adding a blog will help you get ranked and drive traffic to your website. However, this traffic could easily be lost if your website fails to turn your website visitors into leads or get them to take the next step. To avoid this from happening you need to make sure your website has three things: a professional design that impresses your website visitors, a compelling marketing message that engages visitors and a clear call to action that tell visitors what they should do next.


Use email marketing to convert leads into sales

Not every lead you generate will close right away, that’s where email marketing comes in. It’s an easy and affordable way to stay in front of prospects and provide them with valuable information that will help them see you as the best option. This includes sending follow-ups that includes success stories, case studies or key tips that will help you build credibility and close the sale. The best part is that you can set this all up so your follow-up can be done automatically.
So there you have it, a complete internet marketing strategy that you can implement right away to start seeing positive results in as little as 90 days, that will help you to generate more leads and attract more customers.
What are some of the ways you attract new customers? Feel free to post your comment below.

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