Digital marketing is a passion of mine. I love learning about it, putting it into practice, figuring out what works and doesn’t work, and sharing my knowledge on the topic with others, especially small business owners.

In 2021, I held over 60 webinars with thousands of attendees on a wide range of digital marketing topics, including search engine optimization, Google ads, and building a digital marketing strategy.

This July will mark 15 years since I have been offering digital marketing services to small and large businesses. Nevertheless, I still get excited to discover what’s new and what works in digital marketing.

As I planned my digital marketing strategy for 2022, there are a few specific digital marketing tactics that I’m excited about incorporating into my business in addition to digital marketing tactics that are here to stay, such as search engine optimization, Google ads, and email marketing.

Here they are

SMS Marketing

The definition of SMS marketing is “advertising your products or services through text messages”.

I’m excited to launch my own SMS or text message marketing strategy to build my email list, stay at the top of my subscribers’ minds, and nurture my relationship with my subscribers.

Conversational Marketing (ChatBot Marketing)

Conversational marketing involves a real-time conversation between a brand and customer.

2022 is all about conversational marketing, which is basically technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

You may have noticed some of the brands you do business with incorporating a chatbot on their website. The chatbot works as a conversation starter and answers some of the basic queries of customers. You can take the most frequently asked questions of your customers and pre-program answers to improve customer service and save time using a chatbot.

For example, I recently placed an online order for home delivery with Chipotle Mexican Grill, and unfortunately, I was sent the wrong order. I was able to use their chatbot Pepper via their website to resolve the issue and get a credit for incorrect order. I found this to be incredibility efficient.


What is a Chatbot?

A conversational bot or “chatbot” is an AI-powered software that communicates with your audience in natural human language through audio or text.

As the digital world is evolving, businesses rely more on chatbots to provide customer support, while saving money and time.

According to Statista, it is estimated that around 77% of organizations used chatbots for after-sales and customer service.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Content Creation

As a small business, you’re aware that, to leverage any digital marketing tactic, whether it’s search engine optimization, email marketing, or content marketing, you need high-quality content.

However, generating content can be time-consuming if you do it yourself and costly if you outsource it.

Now, you can create effective content faster and at scale using AI content creations platforms.

Here’s written proof.


What is AI Content Creation? 

To master the art of content creation, scientists have developed tools to help humans create compelling content for their marketing.

AI content creation started as a powerful tool for articles, blog posts, and product descriptions (mainly in the written field). However, lately, it has taken the audio-visual industry by storm as well. With that said, the results are more promising in the writing industry.

The most popular AI writing software programs that I recommend are Jarvis and Copy AI. They both are subscription-based programs that require user prompts, descriptions, and parameters to generate content in seconds.

However, the AI-generated piece may not be 100% accurate and may require some edits to humanize the marketing content as this technology is still relatively new.

As we begin the New Year, I want you to take a moment to consider how these trends might be able to help you achieve your business objectives. I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to jump on every trend. The three trends I have shared with you are quite promising and easy to incorporate into your business. In addition, they go well with lead generating tactics, such as search engine optimization, Google ads, and email marketing.

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