I am sure you have heard a lot of talk about blogs and I am not just referring to the Gossip Blogs, I am referring to business blogging. A role a lot of businesses has taken on because of it multiple benefits. A blog plays a significant role in boosting your SEO, but it also helps to build relationships, establish yourself as an expert and keep people tuned in to your website that can lead to increase conversions and sales if executed effectively. Today I want to share the top five ways a blog helps to boost your SEO efforts.

1. Automatic SEO

A blog can be configured to automatically optimize any content that you add. It is extremely search engine friend and it creates unique page urls.

2. Link Building

You create links several ways with a blog. If your blog posts are great, people will link to it, they will bookmark it, share it with a friend or with their social network. Secondly, when you create a blog, you link to other pages on your website that directly relates to the blog post.

3. Keyword Tags

When you create a blog post, you can add as many keyword tags to that blog as possible. Keep it related though for it to be effective.

4. Content

Search Engines love fresh content. This is probably one of the most important roles a blog plays; it allows you to easily add fresh content to your website. Even if it’s a couple paragraphs. Most importantly, blogs have plug-ins that automatically ping the search engines to let them know that your website has been updated, so that they can come back to crawl your website each time a post has been added.

5. Blog Comments

If visitors are commenting on your blog, most likely they will use keywords or keyword phrases that are related to the blog topic in the post that you may have or may not have used, which will increase your keyword density on the page, which in turn increases your chances of being found for that keyword

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