I just checked my email and lo and behold, I have an email ad from a tax firm. Technically, the tax season for personal filing doesn’t really pick up until January. But this firm is doing something right. They have already begun to promote their services so that when the time rolls around they are present in mind. Whether you are a tax firm, a dentist, or a plumber, now is a great time to start analyzing your past year pros and cons and start putting a plan into place to meet your revenue goals in the New Year. A few things you can start working on to make sure 2010 is a much more successful year than 2009 are:

1. Set Your Revenue Goals
2. Create a Plan For Meeting Your Goals
3. Identify Where Your Past Customers Came From
4. Identify How You Will Reach New Customers
5. Put a Plan Into Place to Reach Out to Existing Customers

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