Four steps getting a website for your business.

1.   Identify the goal for your website

Is it to sell a product or service? Is it to provide information to customers and prospects? Is it to support an advertising campaign? Is it so that you can get new business through internet marketing. The goals for getting a website differ from business to business.

2.   Gather Information

Once you have identified the goal(s) for your website, you will need to get together the content for your website that will support that goal. For example you need to know the different pages that you will be incorporating on your website and you need the supporting content for those pages. Typical website pages are Home, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Faqs, Contact us, Portfolio, Case Studies, Partners. A good place to start is reviewing your competitors site to see what they are doing and what you can do differently to stand out, it could be as simple as honing your marketing message or providing valuable information that your competitors are not providing for free.


3.   Research Designers

All designers are not created equal, some web designers or web design companies are good at creating pretty websites, while others are more skilled at approaching your website with your marketing goals in mind. Once you have identified the information you will need on your website you can start receiving quotes from designers and consulting with them to see which designer or company will be the right fit for you. Tips. You want to work with a designer that have been in business for a while, one that can provide references, one who has a solid portfolio of websites that they have designed and built and if marketing is important, one who can assist you with your marketing needs or help you find the best solution(s) to help you accomplish your goals.

4.   Review Proposals and Quotes

Be sure to get detailed proposals or quotes that spell out exactly what you will get for the price that you are going to pay. If you are not sure of anything make sure you get clear on it before you accept a proposal. Once you have found a company whose price and service is a match for what you are looking for its time to proceed.


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