Everyone loves a good deal and as a small business owner and consumer, it important that you become aware of the new phenomenon that’s taking place. It’s Risk FREE Advertising.

The new phenomenon is taking place in the local deals space.  It’s really simple and really genius if you think about it.  Websites such as and the two biggest players right now, offer local businesses to get in front of consumer in their local market, RISK FREE.


How it Works

You sign up with either one of these websites to be one of their featured advertisers

You offer a discount on your product or service
Consumers Receive your offer in their inbox and pay upfront for your products or services (typical a coupon is sent to the consumer that they will redeem)
You get paid within 30 days

The Benefits:

It’s Risk-Free Advertising
It’s great for increasing cash flow and getting an infusion of new sales
It’s an excellent way to Spread the Word About Your Business Risk FREE and Increase Your Customer Base<
It’s a great form of advertising, especially if you depend on repeat business has the larger coverage area and infact they had a commercial during the super-bowl. However, I personally feel has the better deals, since I myself have actually made purchases through and they seem to have more innovative ideas in terms of creating and spreading awareness about their product and service. Not to mention they made history, when they offered a deal for Amazon and got one million new customers to purchase Amazon gift cards.

Types of Businesses That Can Benefit

Nail Salons
Beauty Salons
Dance Studios
Hotels & Bed and Breakfasts


Important Things to Know

Because this service is FREE Not everyone is Accepted
It will be a great idea to ensure that your website looks professional and provide enough information about your products and services, because it will be the first place people go when they receive your offer

Be prepared to handle the massive volume of new customers that you will get, should be selected to participate in a deal, failure to be prepared could cost you both customers and your reputation.

This article was written by Nicole McCullum, the founder of Captivate Designs a New York Web Design Company.

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