How to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

To keep your business growing you need to keep your pipeline of leads flowing. A great way to acquire new leads is through your website. One thing you know for sure is that these visitors are already   interested in your products or services, perhaps they are not ready to buy, and they are still in the research phase. Won’t it be nice to capture these visitors information, rather than having them leave your website without knowing who they are? After all, you have already spent time and money to drive these visitors to your website, don’t let your efforts and resources go to waste, capitalize on it by ensuring you are able to capture your visitors information in more ways than one, utilizing every opportunity that you have.

Here are six tips on how to get more newsletter subscribers in order to help you generate more leads, win new customers, accelerate growth and increase sales.

1.      Give your newsletter a title

Increase interest and entice your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, start with a killer title that exemplifies value to your visitors or implies the benefit. For example Captivate’s newsletter title is “Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine”.

2.      Make your newsletter stand out

Very often you will visit a website and the newsletter signup box is hardly visible or the design is poor or generic. Add an image of your newsletter to the signup box so subscribers can see what they are getting. Make the design captivating and outstanding so that it captivates your visitors’ attention.

3.      Position your newsletter strategically

Pay attention to where your newsletter is positioned on your website. Would it be easy for others to see it? Can it be accessed on all pages easily? Perhaps adding a non intrusive pop-up to your website as visitors go from page to page is a good idea.

4.      Keep your fields short

When asking for information in a newsletter, it’s best to keep it simple, by just adding fields for the first name and email address. You want the first name, because it would appear more personal when sending out the newsletter. If you must capture additional information for the purpose of acquiring visitor statistics then create a second page so that once the name and email address is captured they can continue to fill out additional information.

5.      Add a dollar value to your newsletter

Indicate a dollar amount for your newsletter or offer a free gift for subscribing. Perhaps it could be a free report, a discount, or some other promotional item that’s of value to your target audience.

6.      Add a link to your privacy policy on your newsletter signup form

Instill trust to your visitors, by letting them know that you would not sell their information or spam them. Include a link to your privacy policy with a short phrase “View our Privacy Policy”. This will make the visitor more comfortable in subscribing to your newsletter.
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