Lately, I have been very impressed with vendors at Flea Markets, Farmers Markets and Conferences. They have the ability to accept credit card payments by simply using their mobile devices such as an iPhone, Android or iPad.
This allows them to maximize sales and capitalize on every opportunity for a sale, not to mention, it can totally eliminate or eliminate your accounts receivable issue.

Accepting mobile payments offers many benefits such as:

It’s so simple and easy to use; all you have to do is attach the app and wholla! You can process a mobile payment.

If you’re in a service based business like a plumber, remodeler, tree cutting service, consultant, professional, retailer or any business that invoices after the job is complete, think about how nice it will be to process payment on the spot when the job is completed and have the funds deposited directly into your bank account. No need for the old “the check in the mail hassle” or going back to the office and creating an invoice.
If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to increase cash flow and decrease accounts receivables by accepting mobile payments there are a few options for you to choose from and they all accept ALL Major Credit Cards!

offers a flat fee of 2.75% + 15cents per swipe with Free App and Free Reader, no merchant account, monthly fees or setup cost and 3.5% + 15cents per transaction fee for keyed-in transactions.  All applications are subject to approval.

Intuit’s GoPayment

offers a slightly lower rate of 2.7%, as well as a Free App & Card Reader. There is an application process that requires you being approved, which takes about 3-5 days upon submitting your application. Sign up for their $13 monthly subscription and your processing rates can drop to as little as 1.7% per swiped transaction.

a client of ours also offers a FREE App for your mobile phones that allows you to key in your transactions.  Their mobile payment option can be used for Android and iPhone and requires that credit card numbers be manually typed into the program. The rate is 1.99% + 30cents per transaction. There is a $7.95 monthly fee. There is no setup fee, no cancellation fee, and no monthly minimum processing requirements. This account also provides the merchant with the ability to integrate the payment processing solution onto their website as well.
For more information on the respective options, visit the websites above.
Have you considered using a mobile payment processor or will you? Let us know. Leave your comment below.

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