How ot use Instagram to Market Your Business
I was fortunate enough to go sailing this weekend, and I uploaded a picture of my friends and I sailing on Instagram.  Within seconds I received likes and comments from others on Instagram, all because I created the hashtag #sailing when I uploaded the picture.
One of the likes I received was from, a Yacht and Sailing Charter Company that is now on my raider, and I may even consider using their services in the future, because they have made me aware that they exist. I probably would have never discovered this company had they not liked my Instagram photo because I used, a company I found through my hotel that was absolutely amazing.
Just like that, within a few seconds they were able to reach me, a prospective customer and someone in their target market. How did they do it?

They did it by engaging with me through Instagram. Here’s are tips on how to use Instagram to market your business as well.

Step 1

Create a free Instagram account using a smartphone, use the same name as your website or Twitter to create consistency across your brand name. Add your logo or a professional photo to your account.

Step 2

Add a description of what you do and your website address to your Instagram page so people can easily identify what you do and visit your website to learn more.

Step 3

Keep your Instagram page active by uploading images that applies to your business.  For businesses that are creative such as interior decorators, home remodelers, builders, restaurants, show pictures of your creations. For businesses that are not creative like insurance brokers, consultants, post images of you, your office, your family, you and your clients.

Step 4

Add hashtags to your photos with keywords that others would use to locate your business.

Step 5

Use the Explore Tab to find others to follow by searching for those with hashtags that are related to your business and like their photos as well as post comments when the opportunity presents itself.

Step 6

Keep a consistent posting plan. As little as 15 minutes per day or an hour or so per week can help you get more exposure for your business with a small investment of time.

Ready to start using Instagram to market your business? Head on over to to get started.

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