I recently attended a marketing mixer and while there, the sponsor of the event got up to thank everyone for coming. He then proceeded to tell everyone that if they took out their phones and tweet hashtag #strategyhack that they would be automatically entered to win a few different prizes and who doesn’t want to win a prize right?  There were approximately 100 people in attendance including myself who have over 1000 twitter followers.  So right then and there, they were able to expose their business to over a combined 100,000 people by leveraging the followers of the attendees.  That is how simple but yet powerful social media done right can be.

As a small business owner you can use this same social media strategy to spread the word about your business on Twitter and Facebook.  Here’s how:

Step 1. Setup a Twitter or Facebook account for your business if you don’t already have one

I believe Twitter and Facebook target two different audiences, so choose the one that is right for your business and if both works then use both.

Step 2. Start Building Followers

You can easily build followers by sending out an email to your customers and prospects for them to start following you on Twitter or Liking your Facebook Page. You can also build followers by integrating Facebook and Twitter on your website with clear call to actions above the fold. E.g. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter.  The goal is to leverage those in your followers’ network. The average Facebook user has 150 followers and the average Twitter user has 208 followers.


Step 3.  Start Engaging Your Followers

You can engage your followers on Twitter and Facebook by answering questions, posting short tips, quotes, sharing resources or articles. This will help keep your followers tuned in.  The more interesting and valuable content you put out, the more likely it would be shared. Personally, I love to share useful articles, offers and quotes with my followers. Click here for ideas on engaging your followers on Facebook.

Step 4.  Run a Contest

Similar to the above referenced tactic, you can run a contest that requires people to share your page or tweet about your business. A contest doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact it could be a free consultation, a $100 giftcard or even a free t-shirt, the goal is to do something that excites your audience so much that they are willing to participate. For example you can run a Facebook contest where your followers have to share your Facebook page with their friends. For ideas on contest, you can click this link to see how other companies are using this target to increase exposure and sales.

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