Think Again!

Most small business owners are concerned with driving traffic to their websites and often spend a great deal of money in their quest to achieve this goal. However, driving traffic to your website only plays a small part to getting you more leads and customers.

Here’s why?

Your website can get thousands of visitors per month, but if your website is poorly designed, doesn’t speak directly to your visitor’s problem and provide the solution and benefits of your product or service or is lead generation focused, with clear call to actions, the thousands of visitors that you are getting will be just that, visitors.
Therefore, your first priority is ensuring that your website is a conversion machine that enables you to convert the maximum amount of visitors into leads and customers.

Save Money by Focusing on Conversions Rather Than Traffic

If you are able to convert a higher percentage of your website visitors into leads and customers, then you would spend less money on driving traffic to your website.

Consider This

ABC Dental Care gets 100 visitors per month, but 25 percent of their visitors contact them about their service and 50% of people become customers.

XYZ Dental Care gets 100 visitors per month, but only 2 percent of visitors contact them about their service.
Both companies have the same advertising budget, but because the ZYZ Dental Care website is only converting 2 percent of its visitors to leads, they continue to put more money into advertising and driving traffic, thinking it is the solution for increasing lead generation and getting more sales.
What will work better for XYZ Dental Care is to improve their website design, so that they can convert a higher percentage of visitors into leads, thereby eliminating the cost for additional advertising.
Are you tracking your website conversion rate or are you throwing more dollars into advertising and getting traffic? In order to maximize your website conversion rate, you should be tracking it, if you don’t already have Google Analytics setup or some other tracking software; it’s time to do so, before you spend another dollar at driving traffic to your website. After all, it’s like throwing pasta against the wall and hoping it’s gonna stick!
IF you are unhappy with your website performance, please contact us today for a FREE Website Evaluation to learn more about what can be done to improve your website performance and get the results you are seeking

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