There’s a reason, savvy marketers stress the need to identify your target market, it helps you to increase your return on investment, by customizing your message to your target market rather than trying to use one message to reach all people, after all everyone is different.

This is the same premise behind landing pages; it allows you to send your visitor to a single webpage, separate from your website, which is targeted to the marketing message that they received in the ad that you used to drive them to your site, without having to go to your main website that may be more general. Because landing pages are more targeted in nature companies tend to see a significant increase in website conversion rates when a landing page is implemented as part of their marketing strategy.

A landing page, because of how targeted it is, typically provides a visitor with everything needed to take the action that you want them to take, whether it’s to purchase a specific product, subscribe to your newsletter, request a quote or contact you for more information.

Think about it

You’re searching the internet for a travel agent that specializes in trips to South Africa, you see an add that says, “Travel to South Africa”, you click on it, and when you get to that agents site, you’re seeing info for the Caribbean, Europe and North America, you’re more likely to leave this site, to search for one that’s more specific to your needs, This is where a landing page comes in, instead of that agent sending that visitor to her main website that talks about all the destinations he/she offers, they can now send them to a specific landing page that only provides information on the destination that they clicked on, thereby catering to that visitors need, who would be more likely to contact them.

Landing pages are beneficial don’t matter if you do pay per click, TV, radio or direct mail, because by creating one landing page that’s specific to the offer or message that you are advertising via pay per click, TV, radio or direct mail, will help you increase your chance of converting that prospect significantly.

Landing pages are also an excellent tool for lead generation. Once you have succeeded getting visitors to your website, simply provide a free offer, such as a free trial, coupon, free report for download, a survey, or a contest, but ensure that you ask visitors to enter a few basic info, including email and/or phone number, so that you can continue to market to them at a more affordable means.

Marketing is all about testing, measuring and refining your message and efforts so that you can get the maximum return on your advertising dollars, landing pages are just one more solution to help you reach your marketing goals and increase your return on investment, by generating more leads and converting those leads into paying customers, either instantaneously or overtime.

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