Last week I shared that you can see the company names and other information about the people who visit your website with LinkedIn Website Demographic tool.

This week, I’m sharing how to set this up so you can access the data.

There will be two different approaches. One if you do not have a Linkedin Advertising Account and One if you already have a LinkedIn advertising account. If you do not already have a LinkedIn account start from Step 1. If you already have a LinkedIn Account, start from step 4, if you already have a LinkedIn Advertising Account start from Step 5.

Step 1: First and foremost, you need a LinkedIn account. If you do not have a LinkedIn account as yet, head on over to  and sign up for a Free account.

Step 2: Login, to your LinkedIn account and click the work tab in the upper right and click the advertise option. This will take you to the marketing solutions page. Click the blue button that says Create an Ad. Don’t worry you do not need to pay for any advertising

Step 3: Create an account.  Click the blue Create Account button

Step 4: Proceed to creating an ad and save it as a draft campaign. This ensures that the ad is not active. To create an add follow the following steps:

Step 5:Click the name of your account in the upper right corner and click on account ID. This will bring you to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager home page.

Step 6: Click the Account Assets Tab and Select Insights Tag on the dropdown menu. This tag needs to be installed on your website in order to push data back to LinkedIn regarding your website’s visitors. Click the blue button that says “Install Insights My Tag”.

Next, select, I would install the tag myself or I will send the tag to a developer. This tag needs to be installed on the footer of your website, you can either do it yourself if you are able to or send it to your web developer.
Next, click I’m done

Next, click add your domain

Next enter your website address and click Save

Once you have installed the tag on your website footer page. LinkedIn will start collecting information about your website visitors.
Step 7: You will need to create a website audience by telling LinkedIn whether you want to see demographics data for anyone who visits your website or for those who visit specific pages on your website. Please note that you need at least 300 visitors to your website before you can view this data. To set this up.
Click on Account Assets and then select Matched Audiences

Next click on Create Audience and select Website Audience

Next Name your audience, example All Website Visitors if you would like to collect information on everyone who visits your website. For landing page enter your website address.

For specific pages on your website, for example a produc or service page. The Name would be the the name of that page and the URL would be the link to that specific page on your website. Enter this information and click create.

Once you have reached 300 visitors after the installation, you can return to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager account and clickon the Website Demographics tab to access the data on your website visitors.

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