I must admit that I am quite fascinated with Marissa Mayer, but who isn’t at this point.  From compiling recipe books and creating a spreadsheet with all the ingredients for cupcakes to being the first engineer at Google or more so employee number 20, she is a rock star, not just of the tech world but a great representation of women and the brilliance that lies within many of us.

Perhaps, most fascinating is her ability to smash all stereotypes about women, she is a stunning blonde, who is fit and in shape and has a taste for great style.   Add that to the fact that she was on her high school debate team that won a state championship, the pompom squad, and to top it off, she holds several Artificial Intelligence Patents.From hosting fundraisers for President Obama to being on the board of the New York and San Francisco Ballet, she appears to be superwoman.

Her rise up the Corporate Ladder in the Tech Industry to garner the CEO spot at Yahoo is admirable and shows what passion and commitment can lead to.  So can women still argue that there is a glass ceiling or can we finally believe that no dream is far out of reach?  I have long argued that we can be anything we want to be, even being a woman of African descent and never subscribed to the glass ceiling argument. Because I believe if you have a dream and no one is willing to give you the chance you create it.

With the most recent article by Anne-Marie Slaughter on The Atlantic website, that “women can’t have it all.”  Marissa gives a whole new meaning to that statement, by becoming the first female CEO of a major corporation to take over the helms while pregnant. Add that to the fact that she is only 37 and married, and “having it all” seems to be an understatement.Although the number of women in tech is on rise, the tech industry has been predominantly male and indeed she has shattered the so call “glass ceiling”.

I see her giving hope to millions of women around the world, who are saying I can do it too.  Not since President Obama was elected have I been more fascinated with a public figure as I am with Marisa Mayer.
A woman I have no doubt will turn around Yahoo given her track record and perhaps even run for President one day, after all it will be the only thing left for her to do.

Can Women still Argue That There is a Glass Ceiling? Leave your comment below.

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