1. Search Engine Optimization

If you built a website so that you can acquire more business online, you need to ensure that the website is optimized for Search Engines so that you can get found online for the keywords that your target market will be using to find businesses like yours. Many business owners outsource their Search Engine Optimization to a SEO Services Company, but the truth is, with a little time and patience you can optimize your website yourself. And best of all it will cost you nothing. Simply search online for SEO tutorials or contact me for a Free SEO Guide.

2. Online Networking Websites

Most online networking websites will allow you to join for free with limited access, but even so by joining online networking sites that caters to your target market or other business owners can bring you new business and sales, as well as earn you a lot of referrals. You will be able to add a profile to your online networking account and in most cases a link back to your website, giving you additional promotion. The key is getting involved and contributing to questions of members, by doing so you will get added exposure. Another great benefit to online networking websites is that there are tons of information and support to help you run and grow your business.

3. Linked In

Of course there are many social networking websites, but not all are created equal. Unfortunately, many business owners feel the need to participate in all of them. The truth is, you really don’t. You choose the one that puts you in front of your target market and that’s where you spend your time and energy. I find Linked In to be one of the most effective social networks for business to business networking. The key is to join groups that are important to you and your target market. Contribute by answering questions, posting questions, sharing tips and information and you will soon be on your way to driving qualified traffic to your website.


4. Twitter

I find Twitter to be more versatile than other Social Networking websites, because it works well for business to business or business to consumer marketing. I also find it the easiest to connect with people, whether it is to get them to follow you or to engage and establish a repertoire with them. One way for reaching your target marketing, is by using PayPal search tool, using keywords and then following the people that meet the criteria(s) for becoming potential customers or evangelist of your products and/or services.

5. Blogging

Many website owners that I speak to that has a blog attached to their website, often tell me that they are getting traffic to their website to their surprise, without optimizing their website. The truth is if you have a blog on your website, it can benefit you two ways. The first is by being picked up and indexed by the search engines. Most blogs, provide automatic optimization, so if you are blogging effectively, adding keywords in your blog titles and keyword tags to your blog, it’s highly likely that your blog will appear in search results if the keywords people are searching for, are the same keywords that are included in your blog postings. The second benefit is that if your blog has been submitted to blog directories, and your posting(s) are good enough to build an audience, or it has an RSS, this will also keep your target market engaged and coming back for more. So be sure to blog on topics that will entice your target market, and provide value to them.

6. Posting Comments

Another great way to drive traffic back to your website is by posting comments on websites that are related to your target market. For example for business to business providers, that might be,, Fast Company, Startup Nation etc. These websites get a huge amount of targeted traffic and by simply sharing your opinion or expertise on topics related to your business, before long the people that are tuned in, will start reaching out to you, first by visiting your website to learn more and quite possibly contacting you to learn more about your company.

7 Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers give you the opportunity to respond to questions related to your business, whether it is concerning a product or service. The key is finding the categories related to your business and subscribing to the RSS, so that you can be kept up to date on the latest questions, and then respond with answers. This is another great way to build credibility and become more recognized as an expert. Yahoo allows you to add a link back to your website, ergo driving additional traffic to your website.
These steps can all be implemented easily, All it requires is a little time, before you start increasing the amount of qualified traffic that your website gets and it’s a great way for marketing a website.

If you would like assistance marketing a website, please contact us at 877-877-4936 for a Free Website Evaluation or a Free Website Design or Website Redesign quote.

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