The internet has made it easier than ever for new customers to find you, but search engine optimization has made it incredibly easier for you to acquire customers and compete on the same level as larger competitors. All you have to do is SHOW UP! I am always amazed, when a boutique company like mine, shows up for the same keywords as companies ten times my size or larger, reaching the same prospects. I have to say it feels really good.

I am obsessed with Search Engine Optimization because:

1.       I don’t have to leave my office to go to networking events and make small talk or cold call prospects that hang up the phone; I am showing up exactly where my clients are looking for me… online. It’s a nice feeling having prospects that are in buying mode come to you via your website or call your phone.
2.       My pipeline is always full, because I am driving qualified traffic to my website every day. I don’t have to worry about my budget running out or my ad expiring, once your keywords are optimized and ranked in the search engines, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
3.       I can increase my business lead generation by simply increasing the amount of keywords that I optimize my website for.
4.       I have spent thousands of dollars annually on pay per click in the past. Search Engine Optimization; help me save, because I don’t have to worry about paying per click.
5.       My profit margins are higher, because my marketing budget is lower, search engine optimization, coupled with email marketing to follow up on leads is all I do.
6.       I get higher quality leads because I can choose the precise keywords to target based on what my ideal clients are searching for.
7.       All it takes is time to create and post content and build links, I don’t need to spend a dime if I don’t want to.
I read a lot of business books and blogs and I have to tell you every time an idea or article come into my head, I stop what I am doing and create an article just like this one, that takes as little as  30 minutes and post it to my blog, adding additional links to my site and giving my keywords an additional boost to get to the top.

If you are puzzled about search engine optimization, contact us today for our free proven guide to optimizing your website now. Start getting found online, by your ideal customers or clients.

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