Perhaps I sound like a broken record, but it’s because it really works. Your website is a marketing tool that is built to work in unison with your other marketing efforts. Building a website alone won’t bring you results. But by performing the following steps, you can use your website to get at least one new customer per week.

Whether you are marketing your business via, direct mail, tv, radio, yellow pages, the internet, or social media, your primary goal should be to promote your website in these different mediums. Why? Because your focus should be on lead generation, you are already paying to get these people to notice you, why not capture their information so that you can continue to stay in front of them?


Focus on Lead Generation

Direct everyone that is receiving your marketing message to your website. Once they get to your website, make sure you capture their information, by offering something of value for FREE. E.g. a Free Newsletter, A Free Subscription to Your Blog, A Free Report, A Free Estimate, Quote or Consultation.

Remember, people are not going to buy when you want them to, but when they are ready to. By staying in front of your prospects with a weekly newsletter, or posting useful tips via your blog, you keep your prospects and customers tuned in. This is where the value in collecting your prospects information comes in, because you will use that information to do the following:


Convert Old Prospects into New Customers

I have closed prospects as far back as a year ago. For some reason or the other when they originally contacted me they weren’t ready to buy, either because they didn’t have the money or the time to commit to the project. But because I stayed in front of them with my weekly newsletter, they are constantly reminded that I exist and when they are ready they I am the first they think of.


Get Repeat Business from Old Customers

Whether you are a plumber, you offer construction services, a professional consultant, dentist or lawyer, your customers will always need something from you in the future. It’s a mistake that most small businesses make they don’t have a system to follow up with their past customers. But, it is easier than you think. A simple newsletter with helpful tips or a holiday e-card on a consistent basis can help you keep your customers for life, by nurturing the relationship.


Get Referrals from Prospects and Customers

Perhaps your customers don’t need anything from you, but their friends and family may. Again by staying in front of them, you will be the one they think of first.


Provide Value

Think about ways that you can provide useful information that your prospects and customers would find valuable. For example, plumbers, electricians, construction contractors, can provide tips for saving on energy cost, reducing electric, water or heating bills. Better ways to take care of new construction so that it last longer. A dentist can provide tips for healthy teeth, gums, dentures.


Stop Throwing Money Away

If you are not collecting your visitors’ information from your website, it is time to start. You are throwing money away by letting your visitors leave your website without collecting their information. Once you start, your list will start to grow and before long it will start turning browsers into buyers.

If you would like ideas for staying in front of your customers, please feel free to call or email me. The Internet Works. Let us help you Make it Work for You!

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