Is your website an accurate reflection of your business? What does it say about you and your business?

Does your website say that your business is:

These words describes the type of company that consumers want to do business with. These are some of the questions your visitors are asking when they land on your website. Before they contact you, they want peace of mind in knowing that they are dealing with a solid company.I am sure you have heard time and time again, that First Impressions matter.  Consider this for a moment, when you interviewed for a job in the past, you took time to learn about the company, you made sure you looked professional by picking the right clothes, so that you can present yourself in the manner in which you wish to be perceived.
Marketing to your target market is no different. You want to make sure that you put your best foot forward and make a great first impression. Competition is steep and on the web it’s even steeper, because at the click of a mouse competitors can consider dozens of companies all at once. You therefore need to stand out and make a good impression, because you don’t get to talk to a prospect face to face, until you pass the website test.
Is your website’s first impression good enough to pass the website test?
If your answer is NO, we can help.  We have been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners for the past 7 years to get a more professional website, increase website lead generation and sales and grow their business.  We provide web design services to clients throughout New York, as well as the entire U.S, U.K. and Canada.  Take a look at the before and after of how we have transformed the websites of entrepreneurs and small businesses, to more accurately reflect their business and brand.

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