Most websites today, have some version of a form, it could be a request a quote form, a sign up for a newsletter form, a download a free report form or a credit card form to make a purchase.When a user fills out one of these forms, in most cases they get a thank you.Savvy website marketers take their thank you’s a step further by making it an actual page, hence you have what is called a “Thank You Page”

What is a thank you page?

In short a thank you page is the page someone who fills out a form on your website is redirected to after they have filled out the form.

Benefits of a thank you page

Aside from being gracious and expressing gratitude for your user taking the time out to fill out the form, request more information or make a purchase. Rather than simply saying thank you or confirming the order details and number. You can use your “Thank You Pages” to:

Improve website results through conversion tracking

Having a unique “Thank You Page” also allows you to track conversions i.e. how well your website is turning your visitors into prospects or customers.
For me, it’s one of the number one reason to have a unique “Thank You Page”. For every action that you ask someone to fill out on your website you should track it, so you can gauge how well your site is performing, and take steps to improve it.

Close more deals with your Thank You Page

When a user takes the time to fill out a form to request more information or make a purchase. It means you have their attention and you have earned their trust. This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the goodwill you have just gained.For websites that have lead generation forms such as request an estimate or schedule a free consultation.
Your “Thank You Page” gives you one more opportunity to:

Best Thank You Page Examples

Here are some of the “Thank You Pages” that have grabbed my attention.
I recently had a quick mid-week dinner at Applebee’s, and it was pretty good so I decided to go their website to check out the menu for their healthy options. While on their website, I was greeted with the option to sign up for their Eclub. Their Eclub promises a treat for my birthday, so who doesn’t like a treat. I signed up and then I was taken to their “Thank You Page” which let me know that I will be receiving their newsletter letter and then they asked me to Like them on Facebook. By encouraging me to like their Facebook page, they are ensuring I stay engaged and their brand stays at the top of my mind. This is a great way to ensure that I stay informed about their delicious dishes and return to their restaurants.
Thank you page example - Applebees
Clicktale a website analytics company, offers prospects the opportunity to request a demo on their website. After you have requested the demo, you are taken to a Thank You page that encourages you to learn more about the company. It also provides links to a powerful case study that shows how one company increased sales by million after using their analytics tool to study their website visitors behavior. Not only does this grab the attention of prospects, but it creates desire making it more likely that a prospect will buy. They also share an ebook on how to test and improve your website, this is helpful but it is also a good resource and its an opportunity for Clicktale to position themselves as the expert on the topic.
Thank you page example clicktale
3. Captivate’s Website
On our website, we have several marketing resources. When a user downloads our website redesign and planning checklist our “Thank You Page” not only thanks them but encourages them to share the resource with their friends and colleagues. This is a great way for us to reach more people and build our email list. We also added a testimonial on this page so the prospect can hear from one of our clients. This provides social proof and is it works great to help us build credibility with that prospect.
Thank you page example - Captivate Designs, Inc
The way you design your Thank You Page can help you increase conversions and close more sales. Therefore, rather than just saying Thank You. Take it a step further and use it to more strategically to achieve your business and sales objectives.

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