Ok, maybe it really isn’t a trick, but maybe you will pay more attention because it’s supported in the New York Times Article that exposed how JC Penny was able to get top positions on highly coveted keywords during the busy holiday season that helped them gross 17.8 Billion in Sales in 2010.

Although, JC Penny may have utilized the trick in a manner that goes against Google’s rules. It does however; prove the theory that the more links you have coming in from other websites to yours, is the main strategy employed in getting you to the top of the search engines for your keywords. So if it’s that simple, why aren’t more website owners jumping on the bandwagon? It’s simple, building links is a tedious and time consuming task, most business owners simply don’t have the time to commit to, and it can certainly become costly to outsource it if you don’t have a marketing budget. If you are to be successful in business and grow, marketing is a necessary evil that most marketing experts recommend that you dedicate at least one hour per day towards.

If you are really serious about growing your business and generating more leads and sales Search Engine Optimization, helps you to be in front of your target customers at a time when they are searching for your products and/or services and there is really no other form of advertising that will provide you with the return on investment and the quality of leads that search engine optimization provides. Afterall it is inbound marketing, it brings people who are ready to buy to you, rather than you having to convince someone that they need your products or services in terms of direct mail, tv, radio, newspaper, magazine or billboards.

Here are a few ways to get links to your website.

Write Articles and Submit to Online Directories

Exchange Links with Other Websites

Start a blog and Inter-link to Your Website Pages

Leave Comments on Industry Related Sites That Allows You to Link Back to Yours

Perform Social Bookmarking

Send out Online Press Releases using free press releases sites

Submit Your Website to All Online Directories

Participate in Online Answers, on sites such as Yahoo Answers
To read the entire New York Times Article on J.C. Titled “The Dirty Little Secrets of Search”, Click Here

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