There is no doubt that small businesses are hurting in this economy, but some are succeeding and growing as well. I speak to over one hundred small business owners every month. This article is especially for the ones who tell me, that they cannot afford to invest in a website or marketing. I want to be blunt with you, if you are to survive this economy and the tough times that so many businesses across the U.S. is facing NOT Investing in a Marketing is NOT an option. It is the worst thing that you can do. Whether you prefer to do WEB, TV, Print, Direct mail, Magazines, Flyers, Door hangers or anything else, something needs to be done, because there is No Results without Action. Only you are responsible for the future of your business and its growth.


If you don’t market the following would happen:

Your competitors, who are marketing, will pick up the business that you are letting go, because you are not out there;

Your business will be at a standstill with no business coming in;

You will eventually have to close up shop, because many of you have families who depend on you;

You will be stressed out and therefore become less productive with little or no energy


Don’t let this recession take its toll on you! Here are some easy and affordable ways to market your business:

Contact past customers and ask for referrals, or send out an email e-card or holiday card, Labor Day is right around the corner;

Invest in marketing that will give you an immediate return on investment, such as pay per click, direct mail;

Look for marketing programs that offer deferred payment plans so that you can get a return upfront before you have to pay;

Take advantage of your local media, by creating a buzz, a good idea is to offer your services for free to a nonprofit and create a buzz by sending out a press release to local papers;

Get onto Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and connect with local people in your area who are in need of your services, all it takes is a little patience and time;

Start marketing smart, by building a database of people who use your services or inquire about your services. Stop paying for new leads. Creating a database will allow you to continue to market to these people in an affordable and effective manner;

Take advantage of FREE classified websites such as Craigslist, Kijiji and Backpage

The above is all great and low cost ways for you to market your website, I know that they work, because I have done them all. It’s takes time and commitment so that you are consistent in your efforts, but it will produce results.

Your website is a marketing tool that is at the center of all your marketing efforts, its main goal is to help you generate qualified leads. It is what prospective customers will want to see before they even contact you or do business with you. It needs to be outstanding, it needs to stand out and it needs to make a great impression.

If business is slow and you want great low cost ways to market your business successfully, give me a call. Captivate Designs is my second business which, thankfully I am entering my fifth year in business, armed with a business degree and marketing savvy that will help you jumpstart your business again! Call 877-877-4936 for a free marketing strategy session.

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