Website Design for Small Businesses in Buffalo NY is increasingly becoming an asset. It appears that businesses and consumers alike that are in need of a product or service are turning to the internet.  According to recent research, over 85% of people turn to the internet to find the product and/or service provider that they need.

Given this statistic, it is surprising that over 50% of small businesses throughout the U.S have yet to take their business online.

What’s more alarming is that many small businesses including businesses in the Albany NY area have paid little attention to the website that they have. Most business that launches a web presence start with a template and don’t realize that their website will only be successful, when it is tailored specifically to their target customers.  In addition, once the website has been launched, they fail to update it frequently, so very often, visitors are sent to a website that has outdated content, broken links or a website that simply do not reflect the evolving changes of the business or the latest promotions that the business is running.


As a small business owner, it is important to evaluate your website and track its performance so that you can take the necessary action needed to improve it and maximize the results that you get from it.

Remember, your potential customers will first visit your website before they even contact you, whether they met you at a networking event, you were referred by a previous customer, or you invested in paid print or internet advertising.

It is your responsibility as a small business owner to ensure that every prospect that makes contact with your company, is converting into a lead that you can turn into a sale and that you are not risking losing potential customers by lack of attention to your website.

If you are a small business seeking website design Buffalo NY, please feel free to contact Captivate Designs for a Free Website Consultation and Strategy Session, call 877-877-4936

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