Since I run a web base business, it’s natural that I search online for everything I need from a plumber, to shopping for clothes, to ordering gifts for baby showers, party planning supplies, to pest control in my area.

I always come across websites that  have great offers or would be a great resource for my friends and relatives and the first thing I do is either search to see if the website has a Twitter or Facebook button so I can share it.

I recently, got this offer from British Airways to earn 100,000 miles (two round trip tickets), and I wanted to share it with my 1500 plus twitter followers and over 100 friends on my Facebook page and low and behold, there was no share button.

I have to say when there is no share button, I am less likely to refer a website to anyone, because it so much easier to just click like, or retweet and have the website published to everyone you know, because most people including myself will not go through the trouble of emailing the site to everyone, it takes much more steps and effort.

Had British Airways, have a share button on their website their message would have been expose to over 1500 of my friends and relatives, and best of all its advertising they didn’t have to pay for.

Are you missing out on referrals because you don’t have a share button on your website that allows people to share your website easily via their social networks?

Give your website visitors the ability to share your website, via Facebook or Twitter benefits and gain valuable referrals that will lead to more qualified customers by adding Facebook & Twitter Share Button to your website.

Once you get the code for each, you need to integrate it onto your website in your desired location.

Tips for Increase Referrals

When you work with Captivate Designs to redesign your website, we implement every tool and tactic to ensure you get maximum results and a maximum return on investment.
If you need help implementing any of these tactics and strategies, please feel free to contact Captivate Designs a New York Web Design Company for a FREE Quote or call 877-877-4936.

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