In today’s competitive marketplace, a website redesign is almost imperative for businesses who have built their first website and never did anything else to it. Why? Because most small businesses first website is what is often referred to as a “starter website” and as a result, it lacks key elements, and it is out of date, lacking in user-friendliness and still leave many website owners dependent on their website designers to make minor changes or update to their website.

Here are 3 things every website redesign must have in order to be successful

1.       Page Redirection

Your old website pages is still very valuable to your business and it’s important to redirect those old pages, if the page url is not going to be the same as your old url, to your new web page with the new design by performing a 301 redirect. When embarking on a website redesign, make sure to ask your web designer if this is something that they do. The last thing that you want is for you to launch your new website and when customers do a search online your old page url appear, but it gives an error message of page cannot be found. That’s not good for business. A 301 redirect will take care of this.

2.       Preserve Your Assets

You may already have high traffic web pages, you certainly do not want to lose these pages, because failure to preserve those assets can result in a significant impact on your bottom line. How so? If your website has been optimized you could see a drop in your website traffic and lead generation and you could remove valuable website content, as well as links from other websites that are pointing to yours, amongst many other things. What you can do is preserve the exact page url and page content so that you do not lose your valuable page link or search engine positioning or you can perform a permanent redirect of those high value page urls.

3.       Search Engine Optimization

If your goal is to get found online online, then search engine optimization is imperative. You need to make sure that you find the best keywords to optimize your website for and place those keywords in key areas of your website so that search engines can index your website for those keywords and return your website address in the search results.

Nicole McCullum is the Founder of Captivate Designs a  website redesign company that specializes in website redesign Florida helping Florida businesses transform their website presence into a powerful sales and marketing tool that generates more leads and sales for their business. If you are looking for information on a web redesign Fl you may reach her at [email protected] or call 877-877-4936.

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