Getting a website redesign? Then consider the prime real estate space that your thank you page can be if you use it effectively. Your thank you page is the page your customers see after they have successful signed up for one of your offers. Typically, on this page webmasters, myself included, would include a simple one liner and their phone number. But consider for a second, the value it offers if you use this page as an opportunity to further convince the lead, someone who is already interested in your products and/or services that you are the best choice on the spot, while they are still on your website.
Here are a few things that you can implement on your thank you page, when getting a website redesign.

1. Appeal to them.

Now, that you have gotten the lead. It’s a good idea to appeal to them, by reiterating why you are the best choice. Offer further supporting information like testimonials, case studies on that page. Keep it short and sweet, but effective, getting the main points that you need to across. Remember although you have these pages on your website, people are busy and they may not always browse all those pages. Use your thank you page as an opportunity to ensure they see key information that will help you close the deal.

2. Get the Sale.

So you have offered a free product of value as a way to generate a lead, but what you really want is the sale. Why not use your thank you page as an opportunity to achieve that goal. After all, what do you have to lose? You have already gotten their information to follow up, if further convincing is necessary. Provide an opportunity for them to sign up for your products and/or services.

3. Get them to Call you.

Oftentimes a business owner would prefer to speak to a prospect rather than communicate by email. Use your thank you page as way for them to call you. Adding a click to call feature with a strong call to action on your thank you page will make it easy and often tempting.

4. Tell them what to expect.

Now that you have their information, what will you do next? If you plan to contact them or provide information and tips in follow up emails, tell them what to expect. It will help you set the right tone

5. Don’t forget to Thank them!

It is a thank you page after all, and although you will be using it to move your leads further down the funnel, don’t forget that the main reason for a thank you page is to thank the prospect for taking action. Showcase your gratitude and make a great impression by making it memorable. Go the extra mile rather than just a one liner.
Website Redesign that have a clear strategy and goal in mind has the capacity to significantly increase your websites return on investment, lead generation and sales.
For assistance in evaluating your website’s performance and a clear plan for implementing your website redesign, please feel free to contact us for a Free Website Evaluation.

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