Find out what is an elevator pitch
I recently joined a business networking group and one of the things that we work on each meeting is a 45 second elevator pitch. If you’re wondering what is an elevator pitch? You’re about to find out.


What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that lets the people that you come into contact with know exactly what it is you do, and why you’re the best choice.
The premise behind an elevator pitch is, should you find yourself in an elevator with a potential client or investor, you should be able to pitch to that person successfully and effectively on why they should do business with you by the time they get off the elevator.


Why do you need an elevator pitch?

A carefully crafted elevator pitch has the capacity to grab the attention of the people that you come into contact with and, more importantly, it helps set you apart from the competition.


Avoid missed opportunities

If you have seen the show Shark Tank you probably have an idea of what making a pitch is all about. Whether it’s to get an investor or to get a new client, you always want to be prepared to sell that person on exactly why they should do business with you. Having an elevator pitch ensures that you’re always prepared to articulate in a clear, concise and compelling manner what you do, who you do it for and what makes you different from the competition. Not only will you impress the people that you come into contact with, but it just might help you get the deal.


Stand out in a crowded field

Let’s say that you are a home remodeler and you’re in a situation where you are hoping to generate leads and new business but there are several other home remodelers there. Do you think you will stand out by introducing yourself as a home remodeler, who is one of a few in the room? No, that’s where having an elevator pitch comes in, because while others may introduce themselves as a Home Remodeler, you can now introduce yourself with a compelling Elevator pitch. E.g. I’m Jim from AJC Home Remodeling and I help homeowners get the kitchen and bathroom of their dreams while staying within their budget. Isn’t that more effective than just saying, “I’m a Home Remodeler”? With an elevator pitch, you have now piqued curiosity that hopefully acts as a conversation starter about your services.

In the next article, I’ll share with you what goes into creating a successful elevator pitch and how to craft one that will get you noticed.
Here’s a sample of my elevator pitch. What do you think? Send me your feedback and your pitch and I’ll give you my feedback as well.
“I help small businesses with poorly designed websites that do not accurately reflect who they are, transform their image, look more professional and generate more leads through marketing-driven website design.”

Post your elevator pitch in the comments below to get my feedback.


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