Naturally, as the owner of a business website, your first instinct is to drive traffic to your website after your website design or website redesign. But when you have successfully driven qualified traffic to your website and those visitors don’t covert into leads or customers, it’s simply wasted effort, time, money disappointment and doubt.

Often time it’s the reason you don’t believe in internet marketing and all the benefits it offers, you might even consider giving up. But you shouldn’t, you have to take another look at your website, and how effective it is set up to take your visitors from visitors to leads to customers. Your website has to be setup to convert its visitors into leads and this can only be done if you successfully engage your visitors. There are a lot of ways to engage your visitors. I would like to share the following simple and cost effective ways to do so.

1. Give something away for Free

This could be as simple as a free consultation, a free estimate or a free report or case study that will be useful to your target market.


2. Add Video to Your website

Implementing video to your website has proven to increase your website conversion rate significantly. It must be educational or directive in nature.


3. Add Online Chat

How many times you have been to a website and you’re lost and feel overwhelmed, online chat is a great way to alleviate this problem and engage your visitors.


4. Add a Blog

A blog is a great way to educate your clients, highlight your expertise and engage them. Use it effectively and you will keep your website visitors coming back over and over again for more information.


5. Add Polls or Surveys

Who doesn’t like taking a poll? It’s a great way to get customers feedback and engage them in the sales process as well. Find out what they like, dislike and what they are looking for. This can also be done on a wider scale with surveys.


6. Add an Ask a Question Feature on your Website

People always have questions, don’t let them go unanswered, give your website visitors every opportunity to get their questions answered so that they can make an informed decision. Add a as a question feature on your website in a prominent spot. This share gesture will put you in front of the rest.If you can convert more of your website visitors into leads and customers it means that you can increase your revenue and in some case spend less on internet advertising.

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