The effectiveness of your website content is just as important as the quality of your design. It’s the next stage that determines if your website visitors will be engaged or if they will proceed to another website.  Anticipating the questions that your website visitors have and providing those answers will help you increase your conversion rate, leads and sales and should be a priority when getting a website redesign

Ensuring that the following key questions are addressed decisively, will maximize tour website effectiveness, leaving no doubt in the minds of your website visitors as you start your new website redesign.

A website that demonstrates clarity will also make a positive impression for your website visitors.

In order to convey the answers to these questions in a compelling manner, here are a few tactics that you can use.

  1. Create a short headline that includes the keywords that describe what you do and the value you provide.
  2. Follow up your headline with a short phrase that elaborates on your headline that addresses the pain points of your visitors and your solution.
  3. Item 1 and 2 should be followed by an immediate call to action that tells the visitor what step they should take next.
  4. Create a to the point bulleted list of why you are the best choice.
  5. Include testimonials and success stories that provide proof that you can deliver on your promise.

For achieving great results from your website redesign, testing is always best. Use a variation of headlines and subheadings to see which headline is most effective.  Allow for up to 30 days to gauge the effectiveness of your messaging.Cheers to a successful website redesign!

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